MFG Core ESG Fund (Managed Fund) (TICKER:MCSE)

An actively constructed, systematically managed and continuously monitored ESG-focused portfolio of 70-90 of the world’s best businesses, leveraging Magellan’s quality investment research capabilities, investment philosophy and proven ESG framework.

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Fund overview

A diversified global equities portfolio of 70-90 of the world’s best companies – those with sustainable competitive advantages and business models that meet our nuanced and proven ESG risk assessment process.

Why ESG?

What does ESG and sustainable investing really mean? Read our new flyer 'Making sense of Sustainable and ESG investing'.

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These competitive advantages enable them to continually earn excess returns above their cost of capital. Constructed using Magellan’s long-standing proven investment process, the investment team conducts extensive fundamental research to assess a company’s economic moat, potential impacts of disruption, ESG risks and opportunities, value, and key risks and exposures.  The portfolio is systematically rebalanced on a quarterly basis using these inputs. It is not the manager’s intention to hedge the foreign currency exposure of the Fund arising from investments in overseas markets.

Investment objective

The MFG Core ESG Fund seeks to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long term through investment in a diversified portfolio of high quality companies. This objective incorporates consideration of environmental, social and governance risks and the application of a proprietary low carbon framework.

Fund features

  • Proprietary low carbon and ESG framework

  • High quality global companies

  • Diversification

  • Exchange quoted on Cboe

  • Risk conscious

  • Resilient portfolio of 70-90 stocks

  • Attractively priced (0.50%)

  • Fully invested

ESG and Sustainable Investment Philosophy 


"The MFG Core ESG Fund provides investors with an investment option to reduce ESG risks, whilst continuing to invest in what Magellan is known for; high quality global companies with sustainable competitive advantages." Elisa Di Marco – Portfolio Manager, MFG Core ESG Fund

Meet the Portfolio Manager: Elisa Di Marco

(viewing time: 9:26 mins)


Magellan has always had a consideration for ESG factors, with ESG embedded in its investment process since the start of the business in 2007.

From day one, we've invested in businesses based on quality and risk. ESG is a fundamental pillar of risk assessment, and a key part of how we invest. Over the last 5 years Magellan’s ESG team has further honed this investment philosophy and built a unique proprietary low carbon framework, designed from the ground up to solve for carbon and ESG risks. Our ESG philosophy is simple in idea, but nuanced and considered in execution. We seek to identify ESG risk factors that may have a material impact on cashflows or valuation.

ESG investing is a broad topic that encapsulates the Environmental, Social and Governance risks and opportunities that a company and industry is exposed to. There are many nuances and lenses through which ESG investing is defined and assessed as the requirements, technology and expectations differ by investor, company, sub-industry and geography.

At Magellan, we consider factors that may have a wide-ranging, long-term impact on our society. Our philosophy and process are not constrained by a checklist, or by ticking boxes. Instead, we focus on the future, by investing in companies we believe to have a sustainable competitive advantage and that do not have a detrimental impact on the environment or our lives.

Our ESG risk assessment process

The Magellan proprietary ESG risk framework, assesses the degree to which ESG factors have a material impact on cashflows. The approach is nuanced and thoughtful, acknowledging and engaging with the complexities of ESG investing.

  • 1

    Low Carbon Framework
    Excludes companies with high exposure to decarbonization risks.

  • 2

    ESG portfolio exclusions
    Excludes exposures considered detrimental to societies e.g. alcohol, tobacco retail and adult entertainment.

  • 3

    ESG business risk integration
    ESG risks assessed for materiality & sustainability of business practices. Scores are forward looking, reviewed by the Investment Committee and actively monitored.

  • 4

    ESG portfolio construction integration
    Direct integration of ESG scores in portfolio construction. Lower ESG risks receive a higher score and higher portfolio weighting.

  • 5

    Proxy Voting & Engagement
    Explicit policy for Governance. Environmental & social outreach is company and issue specific.

Fund Facts

Portfolio manager
Global Equity Fund, A$ Unhedged
Fund size
$13.30 million 31 Jul 2022
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  Indicative NAV
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Solactive iNav
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  Indicative NAV
Bloomberg MCSEAIV
More about iNAV
More information about iNav

The iNAV reflects the estimated NAV per Unit updated for portfolio stocks that have live market prices during the Trading Day, or where they do not have live market prices, may be updated for equivalent securities or movements in after-market trading and for foreign exchange movements. The iNAV will not be updated for market-based movements such as movements in stock market indices.

Magellan has engaged ICE Data Indices, LLC and Solactive AG as iNAV calculation agents to independently calculate and disseminate an iNAV. Both iNAVs are freely available to investors. From time to time there may be differences between the two iNAVs as a result of different calculation methodologies or timing of the data..

Buy / Sell Spread
(only applicable to investors who apply for units directly with the Fund)
Management fee
0.50% p.a.
Distribution Frequency
MSCI World Net Total Return Index (AUD)

All management costs described above are inclusive of the estimated net effect of GST.

** iNAV calculations as shown on (the "data") provided by ICE Data Indices, see ICE Terms of Use, and is updated during Cboe trading hours. Powered by Factset. iNAV is indicative and for reference purposes only. The Fund is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or marketed by ICE Data Indices, LLC, its affiliates ("ICE Data") and ICE Data or its respective third party suppliers MAKE NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, AND HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WITH RESPECT TO THE iNAV, IOPV, FUND OR ANY FUND DATA INCLUDED THEREIN. IN NO EVENT SHALL ICE DATA HAVE ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, DIRECT, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING LOST PROFITS), EVEN IF NOTIFIED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. You acknowledge that the data is provided for information only and should not be relied upon for any purpose.

Research ratings 1







Portfolio Construction

At Magellan, when investing we ask ourselves, what does the future look like?

We regard the identification of a business's economic moat, or sustainable competitive advantage as key to investing with a long-term horizon. Identifying businesses with strong moats, sensible management, the ability to invest capital at high rates of return and with discernible tailwinds, means we are positioning our portfolio towards those businesses that are most likely to succeed and thus enabling better outcomes for our investors.

The investment process is predicated on building in-depth knowledge and expertise on the economics and key risk considerations of each business within our universe.

Born out of Magellan's investment research DNA, the MFG Core ESG Fund focuses on five key factors when identifying the universe and assessing businesses, including our proprietary ESG risk assessment process.

  • ESG Risk: Sustainable business models that meet our nuanced Magellan proprietary ESG framework, which considers ESG risks and opportunities.
  • Economic Moat: High quality equity investments that reflect Magellan's proprietary economic moat assessment.
  • Disruption: Companies that benefit from or are protected from the forces of disruption, a forward assessment based on Magellan's proprietary research.
  • Value: Companies that represent relative value based on tailored criteria encompassing cash flows, incentive payments, capital requirements, growth.
  • Risk Assessment: Utilise sensible strategies to reduce exposure to material specific downside risks.
Product universe

Our product universe

The thousands of available stocks are first filtered for size, liquidity and base exclusions such as fossil fuels & mining, controversial weapons, gambling and tobacco.

We next apply our proprietary low carbon framework AND ESG exclusions to reduce exposure to decarbonisation risk and companies that are more likely to have a detrimental impact on society.

The remaining stocks are then tested for an economic moat, resilience to disruption AND ESG risk assessment based on our proprietary research.

Only those stocks that qualify under these tests are considered for the next stage, scoring.

Next: Stock scoring

Stock scoring

Stock scoring

Rigorous fundamental analysis underlies our proprietary MFG Core Series scoring framework.

Stocks that qualify under our in-depth assessment of quality are scored on the basis of their competitive advantages, resilience to, or opportunities from, disruption and exposure to ESG risks and opportunities. Companies are then assessed for key risks including those related to debt, valuation and idiosyncratic event risk.

Each business is also scored on the basis of valuation, having regard to stock and industry specific considerations, including sustainable growth opportunities, returns on capital, cash generation, and other non-cash considerations. This is not a simple assessment of low vs high PE which, on its own, can often be a poor guide to the best investments on a forward-looking basis.

Next: Portfolio construction

Portfolio construction

Portfolio construction

These active portfolio construction inputs are then synthesised into a systematic portfolio management process where only the highest scoring companies are included in the portfolio.

The scores are used to determine portfolio weights, subject to consideration of geographic and industry exposure and specific risk assessment.

Stocks that are higher quality or have lower ESG risks receive higher scores, and are upweighted in the portfolio.

Next: Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring

The portfolio is continuously monitored. Ongoing analysis of business fundamentals ensure our assessments remain robust, and key risk exposures remain acceptable.

Every quarter, each company within our universe is reassessed on the basis of its quality, disruption, ESG, valuation and key risks; creating revised active portfolio construction inputs which are used to rebalance the portfolio.

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Meet the Portfolio Manager

Elisa Di Marco

Elisa Di Marco

Portfolio Manager

Elisa Di Marco joined Magellan in 2015 with responsibility for research coverage in the financials sector. In 2019, Elisa joined the Core Series team and in 2020 Elisa joined the ESG team and was appointed PM of the MFG core ESG fund. Prior to Magellan, Elisa spent two years as an analyst at APRA, primarily stress testing and supervising Australian financial institutions. Elisa also worked at Macquarie Group as an equity analyst covering banks and at NYSE Euronext Paris in surveillance and research.

Elisa holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from the University of Wollongong and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of New South Wales.


31 July 2022
Performance 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year Since Inception**
(% PA)
MFG Core ESG 1.95% -9.83% -8.62% 6.76%
Benchmark* 0.48% -8.52% -4.31% 9.08%
Out/Under Performance 1.47% -1.31% -4.31% -2.32%

* Benchmark is the MSCI World NTR Index (AUD)
** Fund inception 11 December 2020

Click here for further information on the benchmark.

Important Information: Calculations are based on exit price with distributions reinvested, after ongoing fees and expenses but excluding individual tax, member fees and entry fees (if applicable). Inception date 11 December 2020.

Growth of AUD $10,000
31 July 2022

Click here for further information on the benchmark.

Important Information: Calculations are based on exit price with distributions reinvested, after ongoing fees and expenses but excluding individual tax, member fees and entry fees (if applicable). Inception date 11 December 2020.

30 June 2022

  % weight
Microsoft Corporation 2.6%
American Water Works 2.5%
Alphabet Inc 2.5%
Adobe Inc 2.4%
Starbucks Corporation 2.3%
  % weight
Nestle SA 2.2%
MSCI Inc 2.2%
Autodesk Inc 2.1%
Yum! Brands Inc 2.1%
CME Group Inc 2.1%

Unit Prices

Estimated NAV per Unit as at 05/08/2022: 3.76
Date Net Asset Value Entry Exit
04/08/2022 3.7640 3.7678 3.7602
03/08/2022 3.7661 3.7699 3.7623
02/08/2022 3.6868 3.6905 3.6831
01/08/2022 3.6623 3.6660 3.6586
29/07/2022 3.6880 3.6917 3.6843
28/07/2022 3.6597 3.6634 3.6560
27/07/2022 3.6041 3.6077 3.6005
26/07/2022 3.4975 3.5010 3.4940
25/07/2022 3.5523 3.5559 3.5487
22/07/2022 3.5555 3.5591 3.5519
21/07/2022 3.6039 3.6075 3.6003
20/07/2022 3.5601 3.5637 3.5565
19/07/2022 3.5319 3.5354 3.5284
18/07/2022 3.4651 3.4686 3.4616
15/07/2022 3.5010 3.5045 3.4975
14/07/2022 3.4780 3.4815 3.4745
13/07/2022 3.4550 3.4585 3.4515
12/07/2022 3.4733 3.4768 3.4698
11/07/2022 3.5157 3.5192 3.5122
08/07/2022 3.4866 3.4901 3.4831
07/07/2022 3.5138 3.5173 3.5103
06/07/2022 3.5063 3.5098 3.5028
05/07/2022 3.4801 3.4836 3.4766
04/07/2022 3.4416 3.4450 3.4382
01/07/2022 3.4805 3.4840 3.4770
30/06/2022 (ex) 3.3983 3.4017 3.3949
30/06/2022 3.4683 3.4718 3.4648
29/06/2022 3.4961 3.4996 3.4926
28/06/2022 3.4743 3.4778 3.4708
27/06/2022 3.5469 3.5504 3.5434
24/06/2022 3.5643 3.5679 3.5607
23/06/2022 3.4680 3.4715 3.4645
22/06/2022 3.4024 3.4058 3.3990
21/06/2022 3.3654 3.3688 3.3620
20/06/2022 3.3227 3.3260 3.3194
17/06/2022 3.3442 3.3475 3.3409
16/06/2022 3.2981 3.3014 3.2948
15/06/2022 3.3950 3.3984 3.3916
14/06/2022 3.3644 3.3678 3.3610
10/06/2022 3.4560 3.4595 3.4525
09/06/2022 3.5290 3.5325 3.5255
08/06/2022 3.5685 3.5721 3.5649
07/06/2022 3.5832 3.5868 3.5796
06/06/2022 3.5650 3.5686 3.5614
03/06/2022 3.5460 3.5495 3.5425
02/06/2022 3.5951 3.5987 3.5915
01/06/2022 3.5274 3.5309 3.5239
31/05/2022 3.5731 3.5767 3.5695

Distribution history


Please ensure that your Tax File Number (TFN) or Australian Business Number (ABN) is provided to the Unit Registry by Record Date, otherwise tax will be withheld on income attributed to you at the top marginal tax rate plus Medicare Levy.

If you have elected to receive distributions in cash, please ensure that your bank account details are provided to the Unit Registry by Record Date, otherwise your distribution payment will be withheld until a valid bank account is provided.

To review or update your TFN/ABN and bank account details, log on to the Unit Registry’s online portal.


Date Distribution per unit Reinvestment price  
June 2022 7.0000 cents $3.3983  Annual Fund Distribution 2022
December 2021 7.0000 cents $4.3474  
June 2021 7.0000 cents $3.9517 Annual Fund Distribution 2021

3 ways to access MFG Core ESG Fund

MFG Core ESG Fund (Managed Fund) (TICKER:MCSE)

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Investors should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) prior to making any investment decisions.

- PDS update 19 April 2022

Additional information and forms

MFG Core ESG Fund (Managed Fund) (TICKER:MCSE)

1. Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
- PDS update 19 April 2022

2. Click here to APPLY NOW and start your online application process.

You will need the following information handy to support your online application:

  • Identification documents (e.g. drivers license) 
  • Mobile number and email address
  • Your Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Complete the FATCA/CRS verification (if applicable)

Note: Magellan accepts initial direct investments from individuals with a minimum of $10,000.  You must be over 18 years of age.

Additional information and forms

  • Check your balance(s), view transaction confirmations and periodic statements.
  • Update your personal details.
  • Transact*, including invest additional funds, switch or withdraw.
  • Participate in the Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP).
  • Provide your FATCA/CRS certification.

MFG Core ESG Fund (Managed Fund) (TICKER:MCSE)

Speak with your adviser/broker. To locate an adviser in your area visit one of the following associations:

Investment Insights


The MFG Core Series are quoted on Cboe and can be bought and sold like any listed security. Alternatively investors can apply and redeem directly with Magellan. See How to Invest for more information.

Cboe Australia, a regulated stock exchange, offers trading in all Australian listed securities and the exclusive trading of CXA quoted Warrants and Funds.

When buying units on the securities exchange, there is no minimum initial investment. When applying directly with Magellan, the minimum initial investment is $10,000.

We seek to be transparent with our clients and are making the following disclosures in relation to our listed funds:

  • Securities exchange announcements under each ticker code;
  • Estimated Net Asset Value ("NAV") per Unit published on MFG Core Series' website daily;
  • Indicative intra-day NAV per Unit ("iNAV") published on MFG Core Series' website daily and which is updated throughout the trading day;
  • Monthly fund factsheets on MFG Core Series' website and on the securities exchange; and
  • The full portfolio on a quarterly basis with a delay period of no longer than two months on MFG Core Series' website and on the securities exchange.

The Fund targets a cash distribution yield of 4% per annum. The Target Cash Distribution will be paid semi-annually (for the periods ending 30 June and 31 December each year), with the actual amount for each period determined by using the average of the month-end NAV per Unit over the two year rolling period.

Magellan intends to pay a Target Cash Distribution of $0.07 per unit for the first four distribution periods, being the six month period ending 30 June 2021, 31 December 2021, 30 June 2022 and 31 December 2022.

You can exit the Fund either by making a withdrawal request to the Responsible Entity using a Withdrawal Form or by selling units on the Securities Exchange via your stockbroker or online broker. How you enter the Fund does not affect the method by which you can exit the Fund.

To make a withdrawal request with the Responsible Entity…
If you have a Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Investor Number
You will need to make a withdrawal request to the Unit Registry.
If you have a Holder Identification Number (HIN) with your stockbroker or online broker
You will need to convert your holding from your HIN with your stockbroker or online broker to an SRN issued by the unit registry.
This is a standard process which your stockbroker or online broker can assist you with.



To sell your units on the Securities Exchange….
If you have a Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Investor Number
You can provide your SRN to certain stockbrokers who can sell your units on your behalf.
If your stockbroker does not offer this service, you will need to ask your stockbroker to convert or transfer your holding onto a HIN.  This is a standard process which your stockbroker can assist you with. You can then instruct your stockbroker to sell your units on the Securities Exchange.
If you have a Holder Identification Number (HIN) with your stockbroker
You can instruct your stockbroker to sell your units on the Securities Exchange.

There are important differences between exiting the Fund via the Securities Exchange or by withdrawing directly with the Responsible Entity, including the price you will receive. You should read the PDS or consult with your financial adviser before making any decision on how to invest in the Fund.

Registry enquiries (Automic)

Automic Group

GPO Box 2629

Sydney NSW 2001

Fax+61 2 8072 1409

Phone1300 408 792 (or +61 2 8072 1481)

Important Information: Units in the fund(s) referred to herein are issued by Magellan Asset Management Limited (ABN 31 120 593 946, AFS Licence No 304 301). Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results and no person guarantees the future performance of the fund(s), the amount or timing of any return from the fund(s), or that the investment objectives of the fund(s) will be achieved. This material has been provided for general information purposes and must not be construed as investment advice. It does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular person. Investors should consider obtaining professional investment advice tailored to their specific circumstances and should obtain and read the relevant Target Market Determination (‘TMD’) and Product Disclosure Statement (‘PDS’) applicable to the fund(s) prior to making a decision about whether to acquire or continue to hold an interest in the fund(s). The TMD and PDS for the fund(s) are available on this website or can be obtained by calling 02 9235 4888. Any trademarks, logos, and service marks contained herein may be the registered and unregistered trademarks of their respective owners. Nothing contained herein should be construed as granting by implication, or otherwise, any licence or right to use any trademark displayed without the written permission of the owner. No part of this material may be reproduced or disclosed, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Magellan Asset Management Limited.