Introducing the MFG Core Series

A new range of lower-cost global equity funds, designed to offer investors a unique and compelling combination of active portfolio construction and systematic portfolio management.

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About the MFG Core Series

Investors today are increasingly confronted with a significant challenge - pay for active management knowing that, in some cases, they could receive a market return after fees, or opt to invest passively taking the bad companies with the good, and receiving market returns with certainty. At Magellan, we don't believe investors should have to compromise and choose either rigorous fundamental investment research or efficient fees.

Our focus on solving problems for our clients prompted the genesis of the MFG Core Series. Leveraging Magellan’s high quality, proven investment research process to construct portfolios actively and then managing and rebalancing them on a systematic basis, the MFG Core Series offers investors an attractive investment proposition at a compelling 0.50% management fee.

  • Actively constructed, systematically managed, continuously monitored

  • Diversified, resilient portfolios

  • Exchange quoted on Chi-X 

  • Risk conscious

  • Investing in high quality global companies

  • 70-100 stocks

  • Attractively priced (0.50%)

  • Fully invested


We are delighted to be able to deliver the MFG Core Series to investors - our range of investment strategies that leverage Magellan's investment DNA whilst meeting the growing appetite in the marketplace for lower cost products.

Vihari Ross,
Head of MFG Core Series, Head of Research, Portfolio Manager

A new range of lower cost global equity funds that are actively constructed, systematically managed, continuously monitored

Leveraging Magellan’s proven investment process, the MFG Core Series provides investors with diversified exposure to the world’s best businesses; those with structural advantages capable of standing the test of time. Priced to sit at the core of an investor's portfolio, the MFG Core Series is designed to meet a variety of investor needs.

MFG Core Series: An Introduction

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Investment process

Actively constructed, systematically managed, continuously monitored” 

The unique, purpose-built investment process of the MFG Core Series brings together a combination of active and systematic elements, leveraging Magellan’s quality investment research and philosophy.  It forms the backbone of the investment process for each of the funds in the series. 


  • 1

    Rigorous research

Investments are selected by reference to a rigorous fundamental research process that implements Magellan’s proprietary assessment of business quality.

Comprehensive analysis of company fundamentals, industry analysis, financial characteristics and key risk exposures (including ESG) sees the investable universe filtered down to around 120-200 stocks.

  • 2

    Portfolio construction with active inputs

Active determination of business quality and other inputs contribute to portfolio inclusion decisions and weights within the funds.

  • 3

    Systematic portfolio management

Rules-based portfolio management and clearly defined rebalancing cycles allow the Strategies to be delivered with a management fee of 0.50%, giving rise to a solution that can sit at the core of any investor’s portfolio. The portfolios offer investors a resilient and diversified exposure to regions, sectors and individual stocks.

  • 4

    Continuous monitoring

Regularly scheduled reviews ensure business fundamentals remain robust, and key risk exposures remain acceptable. Dynamic real time review mitigates event risk.

Investment Insights


The MFG Core Series are quoted on Cboe and can be bought and sold like any listed security. Alternatively investors can apply and redeem directly with Magellan. See How to Invest for more information.

Cboe Australia, a regulated stock exchange, offers trading in all Australian listed securities and the exclusive trading of CXA quoted Warrants and Funds.

There is no minimum investment amount if buying on the securities exchange. If applying directly with Magellan, the minimum investment amount is $10,000.

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